Saturday, December 8, 2012

Urkye Review - Dwulicowa Tuba and Groszki latte!


It's been a while since my last post – I've been really busy with schoolwork. Those papers aren't going to stay up until dawn writing themselves! I wasn't sure whether I should still review some of the older Urkye shirts, since I recently bought new ones, but I figured that since they're still in stores (and since they're awesome), I might as well.

I'm going to review two shirts: the Tuba and Groszki latte. I'll start with the Tuba:

As you can see, I picked the red version. It's a size 34 o/oo. Alright, I'm dying to say it: I adore this shirt! The fit is perfect and comfortable, the colour is a great saturated red, and like a good little garment, it stays put where it's supposed to. That means: no peaking bra straps (which is amazing for a tank top), no bunching up at the waist, and no surprise-party for my cleavage.

I like that the straps can be worn in various styles using the two strips of sliding fabric. The one pictured below is a nice alternative, where the strips are slid to the back.

I must warn, though, that if you are between bust sizes or at the lower end of oo/ooo, you might want to size down. I originally purchased this shirt in green, size 34 oo/ooo, and although it looks alright from far away (as pictured below), from close up there was just too much loose fabric. As you can see, sizing down to o/oo solved this problem very nicely. However, my other Urkye purchases in 34 oo/ooo have been fine in the bust, and I'm the equivilent of that size in Biubiu clothing, so I think only the crossover cut has this issue. My next purchase shows the same problem.

I got the Groszki latte in size 34 oo/ooo, and I deeply regret this. It could have been a great shirt in the o/oo. Unfortunately I listened to my friend who insisted I kept it (I have got to get a mind of my own), only to find that I ultimately couldn't stand the fit issue.

Once again, from far away, it looks fine (though the bunching fabric at the bustline makes my chest look larger than usual). The shirt itself is gorgeous – I love how delicate and feminine the style is. I love how the belt emphasizes the waist. I love that the belt can be worn multiple ways (I'm a sucker for versatility). I especially love how pyjama-soft and breathable the fabric is.

Alright, I'm done my love poem to this shirt. I guess we were destined to be star-crossed lovers. The 34 o/oo is sold out.

Sizing down may also have helped resolve the issue of cleavage peak-a-boo. The fabric at the bust slides down a bit after a while (a little more than shown below, but I felt silly wriggling around alone in my bedroom for more than 10 seconds). I can't really say for sure if this was a problem with the shirt itself or just due to incorrect sizing, but judging by the staying power of the rest of the fabric (at my stomach and hips), I'm going to assume it's the sizing factor. 

In general, I do love these shirts. I must add, though, that when I wear them I feel as if my bust is highlighted. The cut draws attention to its shape and size - especially in bright/light colours which have a maximizing effect.This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your taste.

If you prefer a less “fierce” look, I'd suggest some of the other Urkye styles, which I will be reviewing very soon!

On a side note, I had to reorganize my blog, so I lost the few comments I had on my posts. I'm sad because I enjoyed the comments, but Blogspot is a bi - ...big, complicated website that needs some figuring out.

I hope this review has helped! I have two more Urkye items to review, as well, so stay tuned!